Sunday, November 25, 2007

Finally an update

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a most blessed Thanksgiving, I know we did. Well, there is no possible way to provide a thorough enough update, so I will try and hit the high points since my last post (which was roughlly a decade ago). Perhaps the most rediculous fact is that Eason is now over a year old! It has been the fastest year of our lives for sure. We are still researching ways to prevent Eason from growing up, but to date have not succeeded. I will have to renew my statement made at his birth, that Eason is THE most precious gift the Lord has bestowed upon us, next to His own Son. It is amazing to watch the world through his eyes. Eason is such a happy child and we know we have many thanks to give for that.

Breif update of milestones to date:
6 teeth, eating real people food,
Cruising, but not yet walking,
Loves music and to dance (this makes Daddy very happy!),
Signs "more," "please," & "all done"
Clasps hands to pray (oh, how that warms my heart)
Talks up a storm!
First word was "Da Da", but of course everything is Da Da;
One of his favorite words is "tur-tle" (this makes Mama very happy!)

Being all boy he loves "caaars"
All clocks are "Coo Coos", because his Bazemore grandparents have coo coo clocks that he really enjoys;
Daddy B's collection of Coca Cola, causes all bottles and red labels to be "Coca"
Grandmother Bazemore has been giving him daily piano lessons and has already instilled in him a love for books.
Favorite books include:
devotionals (Bible stories), "Where is baby's belly button" and "The Hungry Caterpillar."
All in all, Eason is so precious and I love him so much I often wonder how my heart does not explode!

Warren & I are doing great as well. The Lord has blessed us with a new home just blocks away from Warren's parents, who amazingly are still keeping Eason each day for us. I LOVE IT!!! We are set to close on our old house on Dec. 10 and would appreciate any and all prayers for that to complete. We had a prior contract that fell through for various reasons, including the fact that a car ran into our old house. Yes, you read that right and that is a story for another day.
Warren's job is going great, the Lord is blessing him there and I really enjoy my job, but miss our boy a lot! I found out last week that I get to prepare to argue before the Supreme Court of SC. That is exciting and terrifying altogether. ("exciting & terrifying")

Murray loves his new back yard and his new playmate. They often enjoy watching as "caaars" go by on our street.

We travelled to Charleston for Thanksgiving and had such a wonderful time with eveyone. we love you all so much!

We are so blessed by our heavenly Father with His love, our friends and family! Thanksgiving is not sufficient to cover it. PRAISE BE TO GOD!