Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bazemores at the Beach

As most of you know, Warren began working for my dad, running his Sunbelt office in Myrtle Beach last year. And by God's amazing, miraculous provision DHEC has agreed to let me keep my attorney position and workout of the Myrtle Beach regional office. (I must write a post on the evolution of this miracle at another time.) Anyway, we have this perfect house in Columbia, approximately 5 blocks from Warren's parents, that we have only been in for about a year and a half. And, not really wanting to do the 2 mortgage thing, we are trying to sell this house before we move to the beach. What that means is that Warren has been commuting back and forth to Myrtle each week. It's kinda like he's back on the road with the band again. God has been so faithful and blessed us in so many ways during this time. He is gracious to grant us the stregth needed for the circumstances in life. Family and friends have been so supportive and wonderful! Let me just say thank you, and we ask your continued prayers for the swift sale of our Columbia home so we can be together every night.

Anyway, there is a phtography company in Columbia, Kiskstand Studios. About a year ago, they came to our house and did a shoot for us with Eason and Murray. It was AWESOME!!! The guys have small children and are used to the craziness. They come to you, so kids can be comfortable in their normal environment, and basically you just play and have a good time while they capture some amazing shots. Kickstand has a blog were they show some of the photos from each of their sessions. Here is the link to our first session with them,

I made a comment, then that I would love to do a session at the beach someday. The guys said they'd travel. A few weeks ago, Lucas (owner/gifted photographer) let us know he would be at Litchfield with his family and would be happy to do a shoot for us with the kids on the beach. How perfect! While Warren and I will both be working in Myrtle, we hope to live south of the craziness in the Pawley's/Litchfield/Murrell's area. It was a crazy weekend, packed with way too much fun and adventure (yet another blog post), but the photos are awesome. We haven't even had a chance to see the entire shoot, but the snipets on the blog are GREAT! Check 'em out at, Http://

If you want some photos done, I cannot recommend Kickstand enough! Give em a call and let em know who sent ya. Enjoy the pics!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Evie - 2 Months Old

Evie is 2 months old, I cannot believe it! And Sunday night she slept through the night. I fed her at 11pm and she did not stir until 6:20 this morning. Praise the Lord! The truth is, she has been a good little sleeper from the start. She usually only wakes once a night to eat and this was actually the third or fourth night she has slept through, though not consecutively. I remember with Eason, hitting the once-a-night-waking was a major milestone. I remember thinking, ok we can make it through this.

Thank you Lord for such a good sleeping baby!

At two months, Evie is cooing and grinning up a storm. She especially loves making eyes at her daddy and her big brother. And Eason is quite enamored with her as well. For the most part he either is very compassionate towards her (gently placing her pacie in her mouth when she is crying) or simply ignores her altogether (just marches along in his own world).
Evie has started smacking on her fist some.  One day Eason heard it and asked what that noise was.  I told him Evie was sucking on her fist.  A little later, she lost her fist and seemed to get fussy.  So, Eason gently placed his fist in her mouth for her to suck on.  It was very thoughtful.
Her two month checkup is Friday and I cannot wait to discover her stats (weight, length, etc), although I could wait on the shots part. No fun.

She slept through the night again Monday night, Praise the Lord!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday, never boring

As I was getting my things ready to go this morning, Evie was sleeping so soundly in her car seat
and Eason was walking around drinking his milk. I loaded up my arms with by briefcase, my breastpump, my jacket, etc and took a step out to the garage when Eason announced, "I'm going to wake her up." "No, you are not," I said. "Yes, I am," came his reply, and then he stuck his face in her car seat close to hers and yelled, "HOOOOOONNNKK!"

Well, Evie woke up terrified and screaming as Eason giggled. This was the harshest he has been to his baby sister, but I do not think he realized really what he had done. I dropped all of my things and walked back to him. (a rather weak spanking ensued) But I explained that a harder spanking would come if he did that again. I told him that he had scared her, and that as her big brother his job was to protect her, not scare her. He finally began to realize that he had made her cry and so... then... he began to cry. Ah, life with two. :)
Eason told her he was sorry and I tried to get him to kiss her forehead, but he only weepily replied, "no, I don't want to." Instead, he followed my instruction to gently place her pacie in her mouth. He tried, but poor Evie was too upset to take it. Oh well. In the car we go to drive to grandmomma's. It was a rather quiet ride, other than Evie's pitiful whimpers. Usually, Eason and I have a nice chat the few blocks to gradmomma's, but not today. When we arrived at grandmomma's, I got Evie out and passed her on to grandmomma, then walked around to Eason's side.
I opened his door and Eason asks, "Mommy, do you have a 'gina?"
"Excuse me," I replied, hoping that I had heard him wrong.
To no avail, Eason repeats his question, "do you have a 'gina?"
"Yes baby, I have a 'gina."
Eason, "Does grandmomma have a 'gina?"
"Yes baby, grandmomma has a 'gina."
Thankfully, that ended the questioning.

Last week (as posted earlier), Eason revealed that he had learned that he has a penis and asked me whether I had one. Upon telling this story, a friend asked me whether I explained to him what I had. Since, he had not asked, I had not. That afternoon, when I picked the kiddos up, I asked his grandmomma, "have you and Eason been having anatomy lessons?" Momma B rather sheepishly grinned and said, "I think I know where this is going." I told her of that mornings conversation and she reminded me that she had taught sex ed when she was a sixth grade teacher.

No problem, I suppose it is best for him to know the proper terms. Warren and I just laugh, because at his age he has no governor to know when to say these things. I am just waiting for when we are out to eat and as the waiter approaches the table, to hear our child ask, "Mommy, does he have a penis?"

My child is the kid in the movie Kindergarten Cop, "boys have a penis and girls have a vagina."

Friday, May 29, 2009

Evie's Birthday

Monday, March 30

4:45 AM Called the hospital to ensure they had a bed for us.
6:20AM Arrived at the hospital.
7:00AM Pitocin started to induce (Dr. Salley had left instructions for the nurses to begin my pitocin & not to wait on the doctor)
8:00AM Dr. Guidice broke my water.
9:00AM Epidural administered.
2:35ishPM Began pushing.
3:14PM Evelyn Elizabeth Bazemore was born,
weighing 8 pounds, 10 ounzes
21 1/2 inches long (same length as Eason)
full head of dark hair
Labor was amazing. NO, I repeat no pain. Prior to the epidural I merely felt some pressure. That's it. PRAISE THE LORD!!! In fact, during labor Warren, my mom and our nurse, Winter, were cracking so many jokes that we were all laughing histerically. It was quite surreal. Winter commented that she often couldn't tell from my monitor whether I was having a contraction or simply laughing hard.

Of course, I was not allowed to have anything to eat from the night before until after labor. So, by lunch time I was a little hungry. No big deal. I made a comment that I would love some starbucks. Soon after that, Dr. Guidice stopped in to check on my progress, carrying a Starbucks in his hand. I told him that was cruel, as I drooled over the thought of a grande, 1/2 caf, nonfat, white choc mocha, no whip.

Labor with Evie was an amazing experience. With Eason I was so out of it from having contractions all night long, getting dosed with nubane prior to my epidural, and then pushing for 2+ hours that I don't really remember much of what was happening or happened. With Evie, I didn't have pain, but I could feel the pressure of her being born. And I cannot even put into words the rush of emotion and the wonderment of seeing her lifted up by the doctor upon her entry into this world. To say it was beautiful and overwhelming is only a start. What a miracle! What a precious gift from an amazing God!!!
When Evie finally came out Dr. Guidice (no longer with the starbucks) caught her and proclaimed, "I think she's a nine-pounder." And she was close to it. Thank you Lord for a painless labor. Thank you Lord for a healthy baby. Thank you Lord for the gift, blessing and honor of being a mommy to two fearfully & wonderfully made children.
"Behold, children are a blessing from the Lord!"
Psalm 127:3

Here are some happy grandparents...

"The one thing in life that is not overrated is grandchildren"
Ed Pendarvis, Granddaddy of 7

Week 40

So, my doctor's appointment for week 40 rolled around on March 27th, and I was and had been all ready for the doc to tell me we could just go across the street and check in to the hospital. Instead, Dr. Salley told me I was, you guessed it, 2 cm & 80% effaced. Seriously, that's been my stat for a month now. He suggested inducing the next week and encouraged me that it shouldn't be badsince my cervix was already ripe for delivery. I really did not want to be induced, but to have labor progress naturally. We didn't want to go Friday, since those are kinda crazy days. Wednesday was April 1st, and I was not going to choose to have my baby on April Fool's Day. So, we went with Thursday to give as much time for her to come on her own. I was supposed to go back to work after my doc's appointment, but I was so disappointed that I decided to take the day off.

As the weekend progressed, I grew more uncomfortable. After prayer an many discussions, on why I was so opposed to inducing. (Basically, I had heard horror stories about painful & long labors b/c of inducing.) We decided to call Dr. Salley, who was on call over the weekend and see if the hospital had availability to take us earlier in the week. Dr. Salley offered Tuesday, since he was delivering that day, but I said, "anyway we can do Monday?" He called right back and said we were all set. Can I just reiterate again how wonderful this doctor's practice is, from support staff to nurses to doctors. I am so thankful for them all.

We let the family know we were gonna meet Evie the next day and Mark brought my mom up so she could be with us for the delivery. Unfortunately Mark couldn't get off that day, so he had to go back to Charleston. It is really weird after wondering each day, if this was the day she would come, to all of a sudden know the day Evie would be born.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Potty Training...Awareness

Yes, this is a jump from my 39 weeks post to now, and I will try to be better about posting. It seems each day with my two blessings is filled with hilarious stories that must be written down for posterity and I think this morning's was enough to get me back to blogging.

Eason has been going tee tee on the potty since he was 18 months, when he asked me if he could tee tee on the potty. But it has only been recently that we have undertaken full-fledged potty training. I am learning that most 3 year old kindergartens won't take a child unless they are potty-trained, and since we hope to enroll Eason for next year, we have some work to do. We have set aside the pull-ups and are in "big boy pants." For the most part, Eason is doing well, with some mishaps from time to time. His Grandmomma is also helping in this adventure.
Whenever I remind him that we need to go pee pee or poopy on the potty, he is quick to correct me and say "in the potty."
This morning, as Eason was stepping down off of the potty, he announced to me, "Mommy, I have a penis." (Before today, Eason had referred to his penis as his peeny)

"Yes, baby you do have a penis."
"Mommy, do you have a penis?"
"No, baby, Mommy is a girl and girl's don't have penises."
"Mommy, does Daddy have a penis?"
"Yes, baby Daddy has a penis."

Then he proceeded to ask the above question about each of his grandparents, Grandmomma, Granddaddy, La La, Granddaddy Ed, Nee Nee, Mark. And finally said, "is that all the people?"
I certainly hope so.

On this same thought, Eason enjoys praying and has one rather unintelligable prayer that he repeats both for meal time blessings and prayers before bedtime. Then Daddy or I follow up with another prayer. Sometimes though, Eason gets filled with a thankful spirit and begins to thank God for many things like closets, walls, doors, windows, etc. It is super sweet to hear him be so thankful. Last Sunday night we were praying as a family, thanking God for dinner. While Warren was praying Eason piped up loudly and prayed, "and God, thank you for my peeny going pee pee in the potty!"

Both Warren and my eyes opened wide and it was all we could do to not bust out laughing. It was awesome! I love that kid!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

39 Weeks

Our God is an Awesome God! and man is he ever persistent in teaching us lessons like patience.

So, Warren and I went to my doctor's appointment on Thursday (I turned 39 weeks pregnant the next day (Friday), but Warren had a meeting on Friday and wanted to be with me at my appointment). The change, still 2 cm dilated and 75-80% effaced. Wait, didn't the doctor say 2 weeks ago that this little girl would likely be here within the next week and a half to 2 weeks? Ugh! To say I was frustrated and impatient would be an understatement. [momentarily forgetting all the praises and blessings that I have a healthy baby, a healthy pregnancy, etc, etc, etc]

Friday: some of my dearest friends from Charleston [Nancy, Dorothy, Aileen, Katherine] came up to Columbia with their families for a trip to the zoo. I had the day off so Eason and I joined them. I walked around, pushing a stroller, and rode the tram for nearly 5 hours. Surely that should get this little girl movin'...nothin. But we did have a GREAT time with all our friends and Eason has grown quite fond of "Bose and Mills." Even if Mills did acurately assess that we are "slow as Christmas." :)

[Pictures to come later]

Saturday: I made french toast on our griddle (I love that thing)! Then, Eason and I returned to the Tot Trade (an awesome and massive children's consignment sale held in Columbia twice a year). Friday morning, Eason and I went with Momma B and got him some new clothes for the warmer months, but didn't even have time to scratch the surface of the girls' clothing side before it was time to join our friends at the zoo. So, on Saturday, E and I went shopping for Evie. What fun to shop for a little girl! And especially when, I have a precious little helper with me. I swear some of the dresses looked like they are meant for dolls. I am going to have my very own doll baby to dress up. I saw a friend from seminary, who had 2 children and one on the way. As I began to grumble about still being pregnant, she smiled and gracefully said it must be nice to be able to carry your babies to term. She has had 5 miscarriages (all boys), had to have her cervix sewn shut for her other pregnancies and deliver each one early. The praise, God had given her 2 healthy girls and although she was told she could not have boys, she is successfully along with a baby boy in her womb. I love it when God shows off! However, I was still focused on me and my prideful timetable to get this little girl outta my belly and in my arms. by the way...still no contractions.

We returned home and I scheduled a pedicure at Belk (I had a coupon for the spa and had heard that foot massages can trigger contractions). My appointment was for 4 o'clock, Warren was returning from an errand so I could go and so I called the spa to say, I'd be 10 minutes late, we only live 5 minutes from the mall. I head out the door and the traffic on Harbison is like Christmas. It was ridiculous! I was also banking on getting one of the expectant mother parking spots at Belk, to no avail, the only "spots" available were the gridded areas at the end of the rows. I parked there and hurriedly waddled inside. (A lovely sight, I am sure.) The girl at the counter said, "you're 30 minutes late and she's already taken some else back." Oh no you didn't, I thought. I responded, I'm 20 minutes late, had called to say I would be 10 minutes late and can't help it if the traffic outside is like Christmas weekend. This was followed by a "don't-you-dare-try-to-tell-me-I-can't-have-my-pedicure,-do-you-see-how-pregnant-I-am" glare. She rearranged some things, and said that they could squeeze me back in. I sat in the waiting area for about 20 minutes, when the manager (lovely girl, can't remember her name, but lovely girl) came over and apologized for my long wait and offered me a complimentary 20 minute massage while I waited for my pedicure. Seriously? OK! Um, that was nice, then off to my hour-long pedicure. What wonderful pampering. Meanwhile, Warren is at home with a toddler who refuses to nap. What a great man. I got a french pedi at his request. I mean if Warren is going to pay attention to my toes enough to suggest a color & pay for my appointment & allow me the opportunity to go, I'll have them paint my toes whatever he wants! It was lovely, my toes look fabulous, but...still no contractions.

Sunday: We go to church. The deacons at the door literally laugh that we are still prego. Great service, as we head home to get Murray and go the Bazemore's for Sunday dinner, I beg Warren to take me by the grocery store. I had read that rasberry leaf tea may trigger contractions. One tall glass coming right up. Other home remedies were attempted, including a relaxing bath... still no contractions. Instead, I just became more uncomfortable as the night wore on. Warren graciously offered to take us to Monterry's for dinner. Maybe some spicy mexican salsa would help. still no contractions.

Okay God, I get it. I cannot count the number of times You have already taught me this lesson, maybe one day it will sink in. Things will be done on Your timetable, Your perfect timing and will. I surrender! I will wait on You.

Monday, March 16, 2009

38 Weeks

So, two days later, Warren and I went back in to the docotr's office for my 38 week check. I had had 1 or 2 braxton-hicks contractions the past weekend, but no real activity to speak of. The result, still at 2 cm and maybe about 75-80% effaced. Let me tell you, I am ready to meet this little lady. I am trying to maintain a positive outlook, but am getting quite uncomfortable. I forgot to mention that at the 37 week appointment, I asked the doctor, "has she dropped?" His response, "oh yeah, she's dropped."

Her head is in the downward position and she is at about -1 station [+5 is crowning]. So here we are, just waiting. Praise the Lord everything is looking good though, we are so blessed!

37 & 1/2 Weeks

Warren had to return to MB Wed. AM and I felt "funny" all day. I don't really know how to describe it, but I felt almost a little lightheaded and had some weird downward sensations and my lower back was aching. So, I called the doctor's office. Have I mentioned how much better this ob/gyn practice is than the one I went to with Eason?

When I was pregnant with Eason, I called in one time after hours because I was afraid I was leaking amniotic fluid. The oncall doc made me feel like an absolute idiot and dismissed my fears as foolish. I called my stepdad, who is an amazing doctor with a very kind bedside manner, and expressed my fears to him. He said that when he practiced Ob and had a woman call in with concerns such as mine he would allow the patient to be admitted and checked on to assuage her concerns and fears. So, I called that snooty doc back and told him that I would like to be admitted to the hospital and checked out. He was hesitant, but complied. Now, as a first time pregnant lady I was reading up on anything about pregnancy and had essentially self-diagnosed myself as leaking amniotic fluid. Warren, who had been home everynight during that pregnancy was conducting interviews for the insurance company that he worked for in the upstate. Since he had to be there early the next AM, he was going to spend the night up there. We were several weeks away from our due date, but I was feelin' weird and he came home to take me to the hospital. What a sweet and precious man the Lord has given me.

When we arrived at the hospital a young nurse helped me change into a gown to set me up on the monitors. As she was helping me change, she noted that I was wearing a Young Life t-shirt. She remarked about being invoved with YL in college. It was nice to know I was being taken care of by a fellow sister in Christ. As she began helping me into the bed I asked for Warren to hand me my water bottle. The water bottle I used was a Silers Bald (SB) bottle from their debut of Thirst. As Warren handed me the bottle the young nurse noted the SB on it and, recognizing yet another thing we had in common, began to say, "don't tell me you're a Silers Bald fan too?!" Up to this point, she had not really noticed Warren and he was still wearing a suit from having conducted interviews all day, so he was not looking like band-Bazemore, but rather like business-Bazemore. However, as he handed me the bottle, she began her remarks and clicked - standing before her was the Warren Bazemore of Silers Bald.

The nurse's comment "don't tell me you're a Silers Bald fan too?!" trailed off into rising decibles of "oh my god, oh my God, OH MY GOD...I hope you are ruptured" [which translates into, I hope your water has broken so I can be your nurse]. It was hilarious and awesome. I always enjoy running into fellow SB fans that appreciate my husband and the talents the Lord has given him. Turns out that she graduated from Clemson and was a huge SB fan. It was later determined that I was not leaking amniotic fluid and we were discharged to go home and wait several more weeks for Eason's arrival, but it sure made for an memorable experience. While that nurse and the hospital staff were great, the doctor's practice left much to be desired.

This new practice is wonderful though! And when I called in with concerns, they not only did not dismiss me, but also invited me to come in and get checked to assuage my fears. I took some tylenol first and put my feet up, but by that afternoon I was still unsure and decided to go in for a check. I arrived around 4:10 and the ob side was already shut down for the day, with the exception of the ob nurse, Sharon. She was so sweet and precious to me, she is invaluable to that practice! I said, "I'll just go home, I'm sure I'm fine," as I was starting to feel very silly for coming in. She refused, "Now honey, you came in and we are gonna take care of you, let me put you in one of the rooms and I'll get a doctor to come and check on you." Then she smiled and said, "I bet you're nervous cause hubby is so far away." She totally hit the nail on the head. With Warren in MB, he needs at least 2.5 hours to get to me and I keep hearing stories of labors going really fast. So, I am trying to stay tuned to the first sign of labor to get him on the road.

Well, the same doctor checked me that I had seen the Friday before, and he and his assistant were so sweet. They did not make me feel like a silly girl and as it turned out nothing had really changed. But the doctor remarked that I probably was feeling funny and that was probably because my body was getting ready for me to have the baby in the next week or so. I so appreciated their time, compassion and not dismissing my fears. I had my next appointment set for Friday and instead of telling me, "no need to come back." The doctor said, "Yeah c'mom back in on Friday and we'll check you again." I am sure knowing, that at this stage of pregnancy, women want as many updates as possible.

37 Weeks

(posting this for posterity at 38+ weeks pregnant)

The past few days I had been having some good Braxton-hicks contractions, getting me excited about our upcoming due date. Warren and Eason accompanied me to my doctor's appointment on Friday, March 6, when I turned 37 weeks pregnant with Evie. Eason was strapped safely in his stroller, positioned so he would not see anything that might scar him for the rest of his life. My appointment was at 9:15 and Warren had a 10:00 meeting, but this new doctor's practice that I go to is very efficient and wonderful. As we were waiting on the doctor, I encouraged Warren to go ahead and leave for his appointment, but he faithfully stayed by my side and said, "No, I want to hear the doctor say that nothing is going on and we still have at least 3 more weeks before the baby comes."

The doctor arrived soon after asked how we were and I relayed to him that I had been having some good practice contractions. he seemed pleased with that and said well let's see what we've got. Upon his examination he remarks, "you have been having contractions. You are dilated about 2 cm and 70% effaced." Warren's face went a little ashen, as the doctor then said, "you'll probably have this baby within the next week and a half to two weeks."

C'mon Evie, Mommy is ready to meet you!