Friday, May 29, 2009

Week 40

So, my doctor's appointment for week 40 rolled around on March 27th, and I was and had been all ready for the doc to tell me we could just go across the street and check in to the hospital. Instead, Dr. Salley told me I was, you guessed it, 2 cm & 80% effaced. Seriously, that's been my stat for a month now. He suggested inducing the next week and encouraged me that it shouldn't be badsince my cervix was already ripe for delivery. I really did not want to be induced, but to have labor progress naturally. We didn't want to go Friday, since those are kinda crazy days. Wednesday was April 1st, and I was not going to choose to have my baby on April Fool's Day. So, we went with Thursday to give as much time for her to come on her own. I was supposed to go back to work after my doc's appointment, but I was so disappointed that I decided to take the day off.

As the weekend progressed, I grew more uncomfortable. After prayer an many discussions, on why I was so opposed to inducing. (Basically, I had heard horror stories about painful & long labors b/c of inducing.) We decided to call Dr. Salley, who was on call over the weekend and see if the hospital had availability to take us earlier in the week. Dr. Salley offered Tuesday, since he was delivering that day, but I said, "anyway we can do Monday?" He called right back and said we were all set. Can I just reiterate again how wonderful this doctor's practice is, from support staff to nurses to doctors. I am so thankful for them all.

We let the family know we were gonna meet Evie the next day and Mark brought my mom up so she could be with us for the delivery. Unfortunately Mark couldn't get off that day, so he had to go back to Charleston. It is really weird after wondering each day, if this was the day she would come, to all of a sudden know the day Evie would be born.

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