Saturday, March 24, 2007

What a Wonderful Day

I am really enjoying my job, and one of the best parts about it is what we call AWS. AWS stands for alternative work schedule. It allows you to work the equivalent of one full day's hours over 2 weeks. The result, is that every 2 weeks I have a day off! I've also been helping out with our coastal office some, so that is bringing me down to Charleston more often. My Mom (aka Zani) loves it, because when I can, I bring Eason down for her to babysit while I work in Chucktown. Well, I had a meeting scheduled for this past Thursday and Friday was my AWS. So, I planned to come down with Eason. The tough part about coming home, is that there is never enough time to see everyone. It's even more difficult now that I have to work around nap times and meals (Eason's of course). When I come down, I often have to chose to either see family or friends. And now it's more like 1 family member or 1 friend. This past Friday I was determined to see Nancy. I called almost a month in advance to get on her schedule. Of course, the week before I come my meeting gets canceled, but I was not to be swayed from my playdate with Nancy and her boys. Nancy is one of my dearest friends in Charleston and life keeps us from spending as much time together as I would like.

Anyway, Eason and I came down after work Thursday night and stayed with my sister Elizabeth, Jason and the ever-entertaining Libby. Friday morning we got up and Eason & I dropped by Elizabeth's classroom to watch her in action. Elizabeth is an amazing teacher, truly gifted in her abilities to work with kids. It was fun to watch her interact with the kids and to see how much they enjoy learning in her class. After a yummy cupcake from the Latin club bake sale, we were off to Nancy's.

It was a beautiful day, 80 degrees, sun shinny. I mean perfect. And, since it was Friday, Nancy had playgroup, and we got to go too! Many of my high school friends still live in Charleston. Over the years, I have gotten to know some of the other women that the Lord has brought into their circle. We all converged on this precious little park along the river. I cannot get over how everyone's children are growing up. So precious and so much fun.

Girls we had a wonderful time with all of you and will definitely come back on my off-Fridays, when possible.

After the park, Nancy and I returned to her house with our boys. Mills and Bose settled in for a nap and I fed Eason. That gave Nancy and me some much needed time to catch up. Then Bose came back down and played with us. He is such a precious child as is evidinced from Nancy's blog. He is so articulate and willingly shared his toys with Eason. Nance, thanks for lunch and a wonderful day!

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Two Saturdays ago Warren and I took Eason for his first picnic on the Horseshoe. It was such a perfect day. His Daddy dressed him in a cute hat and shorts outfit that his cousins passed down to him. Michelle, one of God's blessings in my life, came by for a little bit. And Warren's parents met us down there as well. After enjoying our lunch, Warren, Eason and I took a tour of campus with his parents. It was so special. You know Warren and I met while we were students at USC. Well, so did his parents. We walked all over campus, reminisced, and talked about how much had changed since each of our times as students. What a perfect day! Thank you Lord for precious times with family & friends and precious memories. And thank you Lord for bringing my precious husband into my life!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A Friend to Walk beside You

God is so good to bring people to walk beside you during different times of life. Two of our dear friends from college, Chuck and Sara Jenkins, found out they were having a baby a few weeks before we found out we were expecting. Then we found out the Lord was blessing both our families with little boys. How blessed we were to go through pregnancy together, and now we have two precious boys who are three weeks apart and destined to be best friends.

Can't you see these two getting into all kinds of trouble together?

Chuck and Sara are moving to Atlanta this week and we are going to miss them sorely, but that just means there will be many roadtrips in our future.

Update on the Boy

Eason is 5 months old and change. He is really becoming a little human now. No longer content to be left alone if others are in the room. He wants to talk and he responds and interacts and it all warms my heart. Much of this must be attributed to his grandmomma and granddaddy who keep him while I am at work. They talk with him and teach him all day long. How blessed we are to have them! Thank you Momma & Dad for all you do and for all of your love which never seems to run dry! He learns something new to do almost daily: sucking on his bottom lip, sticking his tongue out, grasping the spoon when I feed him his cereal, holding his bottle, chewing on 2 fingers, fake coughing, standing, flirting, and the list goes on and is constantly changing. What a fun and sweet time. You love to smile and giggle and it can entertain Daddy and me forever. I am addicted to your smiles and laughter!!! Once you giggle, I find I will do almost anything to keep you laughing.

God is so good the way He washes away the pain of labor and even the struggles of those first weeks (months). I have had 3 breast infections and Eason did not put his birth weight back on for a few weeks after he was born, but let me report the stats from his 4 month checkup. We have a little chunky monkey, though he is only in th 35th percentile. The biggest shocker was that Eason is in the 95th percentile in length. He shot up, so fast, that the nurse actuallly measured him twice to be sure. Daddy told him not to get used to that. :)

Praise God for all of His faithfulness!