Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Update on the Boy

Eason is 5 months old and change. He is really becoming a little human now. No longer content to be left alone if others are in the room. He wants to talk and he responds and interacts and it all warms my heart. Much of this must be attributed to his grandmomma and granddaddy who keep him while I am at work. They talk with him and teach him all day long. How blessed we are to have them! Thank you Momma & Dad for all you do and for all of your love which never seems to run dry! He learns something new to do almost daily: sucking on his bottom lip, sticking his tongue out, grasping the spoon when I feed him his cereal, holding his bottle, chewing on 2 fingers, fake coughing, standing, flirting, and the list goes on and is constantly changing. What a fun and sweet time. You love to smile and giggle and it can entertain Daddy and me forever. I am addicted to your smiles and laughter!!! Once you giggle, I find I will do almost anything to keep you laughing.

God is so good the way He washes away the pain of labor and even the struggles of those first weeks (months). I have had 3 breast infections and Eason did not put his birth weight back on for a few weeks after he was born, but let me report the stats from his 4 month checkup. We have a little chunky monkey, though he is only in th 35th percentile. The biggest shocker was that Eason is in the 95th percentile in length. He shot up, so fast, that the nurse actuallly measured him twice to be sure. Daddy told him not to get used to that. :)

Praise God for all of His faithfulness!

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Nancy said...

So glad all is going well! He is precious and we can't wait to see him next week!!