Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Quotable Eason

Blogging is not making it to the top of my priority list, obviously. My intent for this blog, was to provide me a place to record some wonderful memories as our family grows and to keep family/friends updated on the kiddos. Perhaps I will one day get into a better routine, but for now...I must at least preserve some of the "Eason quotes" that make us laugh, cringe, and thank God for this very serious and giggly little man.

Eason's standard prayer at mealtime, bedtime, etc...

"Dear God, thanks food, jelly, amen."

Months ago...Michelle and Andrew were visiting and we asked Eason to tell them his full name. His response (with hands outstretched)...

"I'm Awesome, Awesome Eason!"

Last week...
Eason and his Granddaddy went to play Putt Putt. After 3 or 4 holes where Granddaddy performed better that Eason. Eason concluded,

"Granddaddy, I'm gonna use your ball. It works better."

One morning I was getting ready for work. The day before, I wore a suit with a skirt, but that day I was wearing a suit with pants.

Eason: "Mommy, you don't look pretty."

Sara: "Well, that's okay baby. Sometimes we may think that, but it is just best not to say anything, than to tell someone they don't look pretty."

Eason: "No mommy, you don't look pretty...you look handsome."

Sunday night, getting ready for bed. Eason decided that his bed had turned into a boat and we were all going to go on a trip. Daddy, Eason, Evie and I all climbed aboard and fastened on our lifejackets. Captain Eason took his proper seat on his pillow to drive the boat. As our trip progressed, Eason leaned over to me and Evie and declared... "The girls on the boat need to be naked." I replied, "uh...how about we wear our bathing suits, okay????"

Warren was trying so hard not to laugh out loud, that he about shook apart as tears streamed down his face. [disclaimer- Eason does not distinguish between "birthday-suit naked" and showing any skin. For instance, one time I was fully dressed, wearing a v-neck shirt, and Eason said, "Mommy, you're naked." I quickly & confusedly replied, "no, I'm not, I am fully dressed." Eason pointed to the triangle of my chest, and said, "but you're naked right there."]
Monday morning on the way to school, Eason was drinking his milk and staring intently out the window. When he turned to me, and in a very serious tone stated...

"There are lots of games that we can play."
Then he returned to his musings as he glanced back out the window.
You know that's a good point.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Mother knows best

[this blog post being updated in parts]
Disclaimer: we relocated to the coast last summer (2009), and purchased a new construction home. The builder set us up with a nice start of landscaping, but now it is time to make it ours. My mother is perhaps one of the most amazing gardeners I have ever met. In fact, I am blessed with 3 mothers who are quite adept in the garden arena. So, these pics are merely for my mom's benefit as she helps me to plan out my garden. Forgive the monotony of the post, it is strictly for practical purposes. But I am open to suggestions. :)

Front Yard view:

Palm tree bed on the left, front side of the house:

Front Bed betwixt garage and porch

In front of the front Porch:
(3 shrubs in the back, 2 Loropetalum in front of those, palm tree far right)

Kitchen side of house:
(7 Pittosporum spaced approximately 3 feet apart)

my assistant:

(Momma, what should I plant or do on either side of these steps? Where should I put the hydrangeas, gardenia, bearded iris, ginger lilies and banana shrub?)

Under the Dining Room Window:
(4 Indian Hawthornes, I think)

(I was thinking of planting the banana shrub in the corner of the steps on this side, basically where the silver grill is, but closer to the steps. Then filling the rest of this bed between the palm and the banana shrub with ginger lilies. Your thoughts??)

Easement behind our home:

Garage side of House:
(3 Pittosporum spaced approximately 3 feet apart)

(2 Pittosporum spaced approximately 3 feet apart, with the sprinkler controls in between)

Bed in front yard with electric box
(3 sedge grasses, 1 big green electric box)
[updated now with asphadistra around the street & house sides of the box :)]

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Eason and his betrothed

Life at the beach (or the Inlet) is wonderful, but there are many things [mainly people] we miss from Columbia. Two of the couples we often enjoyed getting together with we the Bakers & the Hymie-Lynns (aka the McCallisters). The Bakers [Jen & Kiel] have been friends of Warren's since elementary school, and were all in homeroom together growing up. The Hymie-Lynn's we have only known since college. Jamie, or Hymie as we prefer to call him, was stuck with Warren as a roommate their freshman year at Carolina and none of our lives have ever been the same since. His awesome wife, Ginny Lynn (I don't know anyone named "Virginia"), is one of the most dye-hard Carolina fans to ever attend Clemson. They have a precious little boy that was born after our relocation, and I cannot believe that I still have not met him, but pray that will be remedied this summer.

As for the Bakers, their daughter, Baxley, is only a few months different in age from Eason. Then they had a little son, Kyler, a few months after we had Evie. Dinners with these two couples was never dull, and usually best done at one of our houses rather than taking our clan out to a restaurant. Although Mexican always did work well....

Anyway, we miss them all greatly. And really miss watching Baxley and Eason together.

Other than John-Michael, who is only about 3 weeks different in age from Eason, I think Baxley is his longest known friend. The Bakers were in town a few weeks ago and we planned a rendesvous for dinner at P.F. Changs. (ummmm, yummy) The wait on a weekend was over an hour, but even with 4 little ones, that did not seem long. Why? Because, P.F. Changs is at Market Common, and the beepers's range is incredible. We walked down to the playground, we went into Barnes & Noble and played, then the lovebirds enjoyed a moment by the lake as the sunset.

The wonderful evening came to an end and we said goodbye. as the Bakers headed totheir hotel, Baxley said, "I miss Eason."

The next morning, Baxley wore her medal that Eason had given her to breakfast. Jen (Baxley's momma) and I decided that the medal was a promise ring. And since Baxley is probably the girl/friend that Eason has played with the longest in his little life, we will have the greatest slideshow of pics at their rehearsal dinner.

It's meant to be!
As Jen has said, "imagine how much fun holidays will be!"

Happy Birthday Evie!

Evie is one, and I cannot believe it!

Chick-fil-a waffle fry, what what!