Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Li'l sisser.

Well, there it is. Warren and I went in for my 20 week doctor's visit and ultrasound and were pleased to discover that the li'l baby that's been doing cartwheels in my belly is a GIRL! It's kind of funny, because with Eason, we had a boy name picked out, but no girl name; and this time around we had a girl name, but no boy name. Here is a picture of...

Evelyn Elizabeth Bazemore
a.k.a. Evie (pronounced E-V)

Evelyn is Warren's mom's first name. Elizabeth is for my sister, both mine & Warren's grandmothers (including my Mom's mom who I and my sister are named for "Sara Elizabeth"), 2 of Warren's aunts, etc.

I had been open to whichever the Lord would bless us with...I mean, I have so much fun with the little man that we already have, that I would love another boy, but there's something neat about having one [at least] of each. As of late, we were thinking it was probably a girl, and everyone else was thinking that too, so I was kind of getting my hopes up for a girl, not to mention the whole name thing. Well, walking back to the car after the Carolina game Saturday, Warren, Eason, lil baby and I ran in to our dear friend Adrian Dupres. Adrian was one of our college pastors and discipled Warren for a while, and now is the chaplain for the Gamecock football team. We walked together and caught up and when we parted ways Adrian (in true Adrian form) bear hugged all 4 of us [we Bazemores are but grasshoppers in his sight] and prayed for us. It was so special, BUT he prayed for the little "boy" in my belly. So, then I was sure that it was probably a boy. But, nope, the pictures confirm that we have a beautiful little girl being knit together in my womb. Praise the LORD!

Warren said, that my response to being told the gender of this baby was the same I had for Eason. Both times I exclaimed, "YESSSS! Thank you God!" and cried.

The ultrasound went great, Evie seems to be developing just as she should be. It is so neat what all you can see and our tech was great about explaining it all to us. We saw all 4 chamber of her little heart beating [something, I remembered enjoying baout Eason's 20 week ultrasound], and she even opened and closed her mouth. Her ankles were crossed, like Eason's during his 20 week ultrasound. She also had her thighs clenched tightly together, making it difficult for the tech to get what she referred to as the "refrigerator shot" of her girl parts. I was very please that we have such a modest little lady. Wow, I am super excited!

Eason is excited as well. He now points to my belly and says, "Li'l sisser."
A few weeks ago, I started to explain to him that after the lil baby grows some more in Mommy's belly, the lil baby would come out. He appeared rather shocked at first and inquired, "lil baby come ouuut?" But now our regular conversation goes like this:

Sara: "Eason, who's in Mommy's belly?"
Eason: "Lil sister! " pause "Lil sister, come out?"
Sara: "Yes, after she grows some more. When she comes out what will that make you?"
Eason: "Big brodder!"

Warren & I would then reply, "and you're going to be the best big brother ever." So, now when I ask him, "When lil sister comes out what will that make you?"

Eason proudly proclaims: "Best big brodder ever!"

And Eason, you will be the best big brother ever. Evie will be so blessed to have you help her grow up! I love you both!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Choo choo trian

So, this post is not in chronological order, but I am trying to memorialize some great memories.

Daddy B is from Winnsboro, SC, home to the longest running clock in America (which actually came from Charleston) and home to the S.C. Railroad Museum.  The museum's regular season is over, but they were offering steam train rides that made a special trip up & down it's 7-mile round-trip track a few weekends ago.  We ordered our tickets and Grandmomma, Granddaddy, Warren, E & I travelled up to Winnsboro for the event.  

No wonder steam trains don't run so much anymore, we nearly gagged on all the smoke & fumes.  Nevertheless, Eason was thrilled to see a real train up close & running.  The engine was the same type as Percy, from Thomas and friends.

Eason loved the "red ca-boose"!

After the train ride, we drove by and saw the old neighborhood and the house where Granddaddy grew up.  Then we took our picnic lunch to Park Woods.  It was so neat, because this is the same park where Warren's parents and grandparents had many picnics when Warren was growing up.   

Thanks Grandmomma & Granddaddy for a special day!

Halloween, etc.

We actually didn't take Eason trick-or-treating this year, but he did have ample opportunities to dress up as a giraffe. [Or at least I created plenty of opportunities.]  When I first tried his costume on him, he was quite skeptical, but after I pulled the top over his head I couldn't control my laughter, he was too cute. Eason still wasn't sure, so I paraded him in front of the mirror and he started laughing as well.

Last weekend, we had a kamakazie trip.  I was in Myrtle Beach Wed-Fri for a conference for work and so I got to see & stay with Warren during the week, which was wonderful! On Wednesday night, Warren and I went to dinner with my high school youth pastor & his wife, Tim & Susan Surratt. It was such a blessing to be with them.  I don't think I have seen them since I graduated HS, but God certainly used them in my life in a mighty way back then and it was great to reconnect and hear all that God is doing in and through them in Pawley's Island. On Friday, the Bazemores brought Eason down to us and they got to see Warren's office for the first time. Eason really enjoyed playing in his daddy's chair and "working" in his office.

Then we all went to Ripley's Aquarium, where we saw lots of sharks, sting rays, & a sea turtle. Supposedly they have summer camp programs, where kids get to spend the night. We will have to look into that and of course I think I will need to be a chaperone.

Friday night, Warren, Eason & I attended a fundraising dinner for an international soccer ministry based out of Pawley's. We met some new friends and E and I had fun playing in the rain.  Speaking of...the rain was nuts that night.  We proceeded onto Charleston to spend the night with Zani and Mark.  I of course passed out within the first 20 minutes of driving, and am so thankful for a husband that knows how to drive in such conditions. All that traveling with the band paid off.  When we got to Charleston, Warren tried to rouse me to ask which way to go and I was so groggy I just said take Rutledge. As we veered off of 17 Warren looked ahead and then asked me again, if I was sure that was the best way to go. It had now been a constant downpour for several hours and the lovely, but low-lying Chas streets were beyond swollen. I didn't open my eyes but said go on. Warren then said, "Keep going? Even though the car up ahead has stalled out in the water?" I finally opened my eyes and realized we were going to have to be creative to get to my mom's house. We reversed down the road, went one direction, then went the wrong way down Ashley Ave., but so was everyone else. All trying to locate and stay on highish ground. We finally got to mom's and Warren was exhausted. That night and the next day, Eason had a blast playing with Zani and Mark. Then we went to a "halloween carnival" birthday party for Reed. It was so much fun. Her mom planned all these games and Eason really enjoyed himself.
It's hard to believe these three are all 2 years old now.  Which means that H has been married for over 2 years, since they were all in the belly for her wedding.  Crazy how time flies.

I don't know the name of this child, but the costume was awesome!

Finally, we changed and drove to Sumter for Hilary Davis' wedding. It was beautiful, and was so great to see some old friends. It's crazy how our lives have changed. Eason also made a new friend, as it turns out Michelle Kelly's little boy is the same age as Eason and they enjoyed dancing to the band. We finally made it home exhausted and ready for a good night's sleep and a restful Sabbath.