Monday, October 20, 2008

Getting the band back together

When Jesus is Lord of your life, relationships just go deeper than normal.  We are blessed to have wonderful families by blood and by Christ.  Recently, we enjoyed a weekend with our Silers family, and I have to echo Sasha in saying, "did it really have to end?"  

On Saturday, Sasha and I enjoyed throwing a baby shower for Trisha!  I cannot wait to meet the little one God's been knitting together in your tummy!

On Sunday night we enjoyed hearing, Aunt Laura and Uncle Shane perform at Cornerstone. 

Eason enjoyed playing the piano ...

and the drums...

and the field...
I mean, how cute are these little ladies!!!

Followed by a later than usual evening enjoying one anothers' company.  Eason was patting the li'l baby in Trisha's tummy.

It was so great to be around this family and the little ones that God is blessing each of us with.
I am so looking forward to living together on the Silers compound!  
Chris, Marcus, Katie and Sadie, we missed you.

Two Years Old

I cannot believe our little man is two.  As Warren and I went to sleep the night of E's birthday, Warren commented how he couldn't believe that E was already 2.  The crazy thing is that I know it will be like we blink and we'll be saying good night and remarking, "I can't believe he's 18."  Time flies so fast.  This little man has been such an amazing and awesome gift of joy to our lives, and we thank God for him everyday and pray that God will enable us to be parents that raise E to know the love, peace and joy of His heavenly Father.  

Eason, I pray that you will continue to love to pray as you do now.  That you will continue to ask to read your Bible and want to talk about Jesus.  Thank you Lord for such a precious heart!

We had E's second birthday party two weeks ago and it was a great time with family and friends.  Dad, Elaine, Libby and Zani came up from Charleston, and they were a great help in getting ready for the celebration.  

We were so glad to have so many friends come and play!
Eason loves him some Thomas.
Dad took up his post as the grill master to provide tasty hamburgers and hotdogs.
But he still found some time to play.
Eason was so glad to see his cousin Libby, but missed his Su-su, 
who was celebrating a birthday with her daddy.
"Tank you Yibby, for helping with my party."
Of course, E was thrilled to see his Grandmomma and Granddaddy.  
Even though he sees them almost everyday, they make each day a new adventure!
Granddaddy Mark couldn't make it cause he was on call, 
but he sent E some cars and they are enjoyed daily!  "Tank you Maaak"

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Update on "Li'l Baby"

I went in for my check up yesterday. Warren couldn't go with me, because he is working so hard in Myrtle Beach, so my precious friend, Michelle (or "Shull" as Eason often calls her), went with me. It was a quick appointment. So far, I've only gained 2 pounds (praise the Lord). I think my blood pressure was good, but I don't really know what those numbers mean.

The best was that we heard our little one's heartbeat again. I love that swift wooshing sound. Michelle was awesome, because she had never heard a baby's heartbeat like that before. Her excitement was contagious, and I really appreciated her company. We also brought along Daddy B's minidisc recorder to record the heartbeat. When we were pregnant with Eason, one of the nurses at that practice suggested that we record the baby's heartbeat. That way whenever I wanted to, if I was having a down day, or just wondering what was going on with that little one, I could listen to the heartbeat and be encouraged. It was a wonderful tip, so we decided to do it again with this baby. Last month the heartbeat was around 160. This month the rate was 149-150. Healthy and going strong. The doctor said everything looked great!

I think I have even been able to feel the baby move on occasion already. Since, I kind of know what to expect, when I lay in bed really still at night sometimes I am pretty sure that I feel that wonderful, familiar flutter. I will echo Nancy, in that feeling the baby move and kick is one of the best parts of pregnancy. Babies, their growth & development, etc, is such an amazing testimony of the creative and detailed God we serve.

As for my precious Eason, his Zani gave him a book on being a Big Brother. We have read it and I found him timidly flipping the pages this morning. So far, I am sure he is pretty clueless (as are me & Warren) as to how this baby will shake up our worlds. But I will say that when he sees the ultrasound picture, he knows that it is a picture of the "little baby." Also, when I ask him where the baby is he often pats my tummy gently and says "li'l baby." Only a God as amazing as ours could possibly create another little one so presious as our little E. Thank you Jesus!