Tuesday, March 24, 2009

39 Weeks

Our God is an Awesome God! and man is he ever persistent in teaching us lessons like patience.

So, Warren and I went to my doctor's appointment on Thursday (I turned 39 weeks pregnant the next day (Friday), but Warren had a meeting on Friday and wanted to be with me at my appointment). The result...no change, still 2 cm dilated and 75-80% effaced. Wait, didn't the doctor say 2 weeks ago that this little girl would likely be here within the next week and a half to 2 weeks? Ugh! To say I was frustrated and impatient would be an understatement. [momentarily forgetting all the praises and blessings that I have a healthy baby, a healthy pregnancy, etc, etc, etc]

Friday: some of my dearest friends from Charleston [Nancy, Dorothy, Aileen, Katherine] came up to Columbia with their families for a trip to the zoo. I had the day off so Eason and I joined them. I walked around, pushing a stroller, and rode the tram for nearly 5 hours. Surely that should get this little girl movin'...nothin. But we did have a GREAT time with all our friends and Eason has grown quite fond of "Bose and Mills." Even if Mills did acurately assess that we are "slow as Christmas." :)

[Pictures to come later]

Saturday: I made french toast on our griddle (I love that thing)! Then, Eason and I returned to the Tot Trade (an awesome and massive children's consignment sale held in Columbia twice a year). Friday morning, Eason and I went with Momma B and got him some new clothes for the warmer months, but didn't even have time to scratch the surface of the girls' clothing side before it was time to join our friends at the zoo. So, on Saturday, E and I went shopping for Evie. What fun to shop for a little girl! And especially when, I have a precious little helper with me. I swear some of the dresses looked like they are meant for dolls. I am going to have my very own doll baby to dress up. I saw a friend from seminary, who had 2 children and one on the way. As I began to grumble about still being pregnant, she smiled and gracefully said it must be nice to be able to carry your babies to term. She has had 5 miscarriages (all boys), had to have her cervix sewn shut for her other pregnancies and deliver each one early. The praise, God had given her 2 healthy girls and although she was told she could not have boys, she is successfully along with a baby boy in her womb. I love it when God shows off! However, I was still focused on me and my prideful timetable to get this little girl outta my belly and in my arms. by the way...still no contractions.

We returned home and I scheduled a pedicure at Belk (I had a coupon for the spa and had heard that foot massages can trigger contractions). My appointment was for 4 o'clock, Warren was returning from an errand so I could go and so I called the spa to say, I'd be 10 minutes late, we only live 5 minutes from the mall. I head out the door and the traffic on Harbison is like Christmas. It was ridiculous! I was also banking on getting one of the expectant mother parking spots at Belk, to no avail, the only "spots" available were the gridded areas at the end of the rows. I parked there and hurriedly waddled inside. (A lovely sight, I am sure.) The girl at the counter said, "you're 30 minutes late and she's already taken some else back." Oh no you didn't, I thought. I responded, I'm 20 minutes late, had called to say I would be 10 minutes late and can't help it if the traffic outside is like Christmas weekend. This was followed by a "don't-you-dare-try-to-tell-me-I-can't-have-my-pedicure,-do-you-see-how-pregnant-I-am" glare. She rearranged some things, and said that they could squeeze me back in. I sat in the waiting area for about 20 minutes, when the manager (lovely girl, can't remember her name, but lovely girl) came over and apologized for my long wait and offered me a complimentary 20 minute massage while I waited for my pedicure. Seriously? OK! Um, that was nice, then off to my hour-long pedicure. What wonderful pampering. Meanwhile, Warren is at home with a toddler who refuses to nap. What a great man. I got a french pedi at his request. I mean if Warren is going to pay attention to my toes enough to suggest a color & pay for my appointment & allow me the opportunity to go, I'll have them paint my toes whatever he wants! It was lovely, my toes look fabulous, but...still no contractions.

Sunday: We go to church. The deacons at the door literally laugh that we are still prego. Great service, as we head home to get Murray and go the Bazemore's for Sunday dinner, I beg Warren to take me by the grocery store. I had read that rasberry leaf tea may trigger contractions. One tall glass coming right up. Other home remedies were attempted, including a relaxing bath... still no contractions. Instead, I just became more uncomfortable as the night wore on. Warren graciously offered to take us to Monterry's for dinner. Maybe some spicy mexican salsa would help. still no contractions.

Okay God, I get it. I cannot count the number of times You have already taught me this lesson, maybe one day it will sink in. Things will be done on Your timetable, Your perfect timing and will. I surrender! I will wait on You.


Anonymous said...

That was precious!

Danielle said...

We saw Wade at a conference in Texas and he told us your sweet family was moving to Myrtle Beach! I take it from the updates that you are not here yet :)... I'll be praying for you and that sweet little girl! Trey and I would love to connect with you when you do arrive and get settled. Eason would have a blast with my boys! Feel free to email me, you know if you're not in labor as I type this! My address is daniellekelly412@gmail.com Can't wait to see pictures of sweet Evie!

Anonymous said...

Been meaning to call you! I've got some clothes for you (stuff MD has grown out of) and the fabric for the blanket (it is perfect, perfect, perfect for your bedding!). I guess I better go on and finish it before little miss thing decides to make her arrival.

Nancy said...

Love it! And you are incredibly patient!! I so would have scheduled that delivery by now :)

Praying for you and anxiously awaiting the news!!