Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Evie - 2 Months Old

Evie is 2 months old, I cannot believe it! And Sunday night she slept through the night. I fed her at 11pm and she did not stir until 6:20 this morning. Praise the Lord! The truth is, she has been a good little sleeper from the start. She usually only wakes once a night to eat and this was actually the third or fourth night she has slept through, though not consecutively. I remember with Eason, hitting the once-a-night-waking was a major milestone. I remember thinking, ok we can make it through this.

Thank you Lord for such a good sleeping baby!

At two months, Evie is cooing and grinning up a storm. She especially loves making eyes at her daddy and her big brother. And Eason is quite enamored with her as well. For the most part he either is very compassionate towards her (gently placing her pacie in her mouth when she is crying) or simply ignores her altogether (just marches along in his own world).
Evie has started smacking on her fist some.  One day Eason heard it and asked what that noise was.  I told him Evie was sucking on her fist.  A little later, she lost her fist and seemed to get fussy.  So, Eason gently placed his fist in her mouth for her to suck on.  It was very thoughtful.
Her two month checkup is Friday and I cannot wait to discover her stats (weight, length, etc), although I could wait on the shots part. No fun.

She slept through the night again Monday night, Praise the Lord!


Nancy said...

Yeah! Pictures!! She is precious!! So glad you are back to posting... Hugs!

Sara Lynn said...

Your little girl is too precious! Btw Found you on facebook because I searched my own name. Sara Pendarvis :) Just wanted to comment!

God Bless.