Friday, November 3, 2006


On October 8, 2006, at 11:17 AM the Lord delivered Eason Edward Bazemore into this world! Welcome Eason, we are so glad you are finally here! Eason weighed 7 pounds 4 ounces and was 21.5 inches long, with a full head of dark hair to boot!

Proud Papa!

Tired and swollen Momma.

Perfect Baby!

Several of our friends have blogs and we have been blessed to enjoy them. With life getting so busy as we all play adults and now many of us parents, it is often difficult to keep up with each other, but their blogs have allowed me insight into friends' daily "highs and lows" as well as a way to watch their children grow. We hope that our boig will also provide a window into our lives to our loved ones near and far. We love you all and covet your prayers as we begin this rollercoaster ride of parenthood.


Jemima said...

Oh MAN, is he ever cute! I can't wait to hold him. Christmas is going to be so awesome. So many babies. None of them mine.

Hahahahahaha!!! (laughs the laugh of one who can eat chili and Stoli without passing the wealth on to someone small and helpess)

And P, you don't look one bit swollen in that picture. You just look beautiful and peaceful.


Nancy said...

Welcome - although you didn't tell me - to the blogging world. Good thing I am resourceful!!

Love the pictures, keep them coming :)

Caroline said...

S- I am so glad to have another blog to stalk. :) Eason is adorable. I keep up with all of you a little bit through Nancy. Glad to hear things are going well.


Rossi said...

Welcome to the blogging world-- beware-- it is very addictive, especially when you are at home a lot with a newborn baby!!!
Love!!! Rossi

Jared said...

Too cute! Hope mom life is treating you well. Although, with Warren around, it's like you have 2 kids!
Speaking of your crazy husband... have him call me!