Sunday, December 9, 2007

A week of firsts

[NOTE this post was drafted several weeks ago]

This was a week for the record books for Little Eason.
Thursday ~6:00pm - First Independent Steps
Thursday afternoon, I went to pick him up from the Bazemore's. Momma B was playing with him on the floor in the den. Since, he was standing, I sat down on the floor a few feet away from them and reached out for Eason. My precious little one has begun to get so excited when he sees me that he almost jumps into my arms. Momma B released her hold on him and he took three stumbling steps and then fell into my arms. What a wonderful event. And I praise the Lord that He allowed me to be the witness and recipient of such a momentous milestone!

Saturday at 10:00am - First Parade
Saturday morning, Warren, Eason & I got up and headed to Camden to watch the Kershaw County Christmas Parade. Julie, a dear friend from work, owns and operates the lovely and historic Greenleaf Inn of Camden, located right on Broad Street, a prime location for enjoying the parade. This was Eason's first parade. He really enjoyed all the horses and the fire trucks. Although, he did not appreciate the fire trucks' sirens and horns.

Saturday at 1:00pm - First Haircut
Over the past few days, we have had several people call Eason a girl. I will admit that as of late his hair has gotten a little out of control. In the back, he had grown a little mullet. The precious curls on the sides of his head were almost wings enough to allow him to fly away. But it was the ever-increasing references to him being a girl, that spurred us on to set the appointment. Julie called her hairdresser, Melissa, at New Dimensions in Camden and set an appointment for us. After the parade & a delicious lunch at the Inn, Warren, Eason & I walked down Broad Street toward the hair place. Since we had a few extra minutes, we wandered into a guitar store. I was pouting more and more & my mood was souring as we came closer to the haircut. As we were questioning whether it was the right thing to do, the owner of the guitar store asked, "does that little girl play guitar?" ... Warren smiled politely at the man, as his eyes gave me a "see" look, and I almost broke into tears. I love his curls!!!

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