Sunday, December 10, 2006


There is a commercial airing during this Christmas season that is precious. I think it is for Pampers, but cannot remember. I wonder if advertisers believe they get their job done when people remember the gist of the commercial but not the product. Anyway, it simply shows various babies sleeping so peacefully as a carol, (I think it is "Silent Night") plays in the background. Then the commercial ends with a picture of the Earth from space & the words "Peace on Earth." Below are some pictures they could have used.


Danielle said...

He is seriously one of the most beautiful infants I've ever seen! I'm glad you are doing well. I noticed your crib sheet... is that an ultimate crib sheet that someone monogramed? I love it!!!

Sara said...

Thank you, I am quite in love with my little bug. It is so great to hear from you, and yes that is a monogrammed ultimate crib sheet. Nancy (DuBose & Mills' mommy) thankfully insisted that I register for several & man what a time saver they have been. Then a dear friend from high school had her mom monogram it and gave it to me as a shower gift. It is one of my favorite gifts. Hope you are well. Merry Christmas!

Dorothy said...

Sara, Eason is beautiful and I glad to read that you are all doing well. Much love!

Anonymous said...

He sure is handsome!

Lori said...

Sara CONGRATULATIONS!!! I was so excited to link to your blog through Ellen's blog! He is beautiful. I can't wait to spend some time reading through past blog posts and seeing what you have been up to. God bless your growing family!!!

Love, Lori, Jonathan, Hannah, and Baby Girl (in the tummy) Brooks

Jemima said...

Oh my God, would you look at those CHEEKS? I want to put his whole head in my mouth, but he definitely would taste like ice cream!

Love that blanket in the last shot. Where on earth did you find it?