Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Eve

WARNING: Contents of this post contain baby poo! I think it only fitting that this post follow one entitled "Peace."
So, Christmas Eve came on a Sunday this year, and we began our family's day (because we have a family now) by going to church. I dressed Eason in this beautiful, white church outfit, complete with a stitched cross on the collar and precious little booties. We were actually pulling up to church with time to spare. No, really, we were going to be on time, & with a kid no less. As Warren is pulling over to park we hear gurgling from the back seat. I turn and view Eason in the baby mirror as his entire stomach contents spew forth from his little mouth. I never cease to be amazed at how much can come out of such a little thing! Not only was his pretty outfit soaked through, but the car seat & the car seat base (as we later discovered) were drenched. So much for being on time. So we jump out and wanting-to-be-prepared Sara whisks him out of that outfit into a cute, although more casual, Christmas outfit that I had brought along for just such an event. We change him and head towards the church. Eason, however, is not a fan of having his clothes changed and was letting us know it. Thankfully, his Lainie was there with her faux-nursing hold that quited him right down and put him to sleep for the entire service.
After church, we all walked to High Cotton for brunch. It was going smoothly, until I realized that I had forgotten to pack a bottle and he would be waking soon with an empty stomach. Now, Eason may look like his Daddy, but he got his Momma's (Baker) temper. When he is hungry, you have about T-minus 2 seconds to fix it before he turns himself as red as a lobster and screams until he stops breathing. Yes, it is a lovely display. So, Warren ran back to Mom's for an emergency bottle & good thing, because not 5 minutes after Warren left, our precious little screamer woke up. I carried him out of our dining room into the bar area, where a trio was playing some lovely music that distracted him quite well. The only problem was that the keyborad player, a very talented woman, became rather emotional after watching how much Eason enjoyed the music. She was able to finish the song, but then had to take a break to compose herself, and blow her nose. While she was gone the sax player actually asked us not to bring him over there again.
After brunch, Warren, Eason, & I headed out to Town Center to get a few final gifts for Christmas. No problem. In and out, we thought. Since Eason had a full belly and should be napping soon, I decided to use our baby bjorn (you know the backpack looking things that you wear in front of you, with the baby's arms & legs dangling down), rather than the stroller. And, since we didn't have the stroller & wouldn't be gone long, we left the diaper bag in the car. Oh, this parenting thing is definitely a learning curve.
We stroll first through several stores for fun, including looking at the baby clothes at Old Navy. Then...we go to Barnes & Noble. We split up to accomplish our shopping faster. Warren proceeded to the music section at the back & I went to the children's books to find gifts for the two older neices. As I walk over, I hear & feel a rumble from Eason's lower end, but dismiss it since we will be getting out soon. I flag an employee to help me find the Newberry award books, & as she is helping me a follow-up rumble comes. This time a little bigger and a little stinkier. She & I both ignore the obvious faux-pas and continue with the task at hand, until...I hear, "splat, splat!" I look down, & to my horror, there is bright, yellow poo dripping down my brand new skirt, on my boot and ON THE FLOOR!!!
"Oh my Goodness," I exclaimed, as I took the nice, church burp cloth that I had with me and grabbed his foot, bending his leg at the knee to prevent any additional leakage. I apologized profusely as the lady took some paper towels and wiped off my boot. Then I ran for the door as I called Warren on the cell.

Warren: Hello
Sara: Meet me at the front of the store, NOW!
Warren: Why, what's wrong?
Sara: Eason just pooped, all over me, & all over the store. Meet me at the front, RUN!

As I approach the front doors, Warren meets me. I turn toward him to give him the full view of my state and he stares back in horror at the sight of the bright mustard yellow poo on my skirt. We high tail it back to the car, half in shock, half in hysterics laughing at what had just occurred. I run for the car to change the poor child, while Warren runs to Old Navy to buy a new outfit since we are now out of them. When he returns, I've cleaned up Eason and myself, but the outfit is too small. Praise God, Eason is finally growing. So, Warren runs back to exchange it for the next size up. He went to the same cashier as before and she remarked, "they sure do grow fast, don't they?" As he is doing this, Eason spits up on me, in my hair and on my new sweater. See, after having a baby, my body does not fit into my old clothes. So, my precious husband bought me a new outfit to wear for Christmas, and now this new outfit was quite christened in mommy-wear.
So, we get cleaned up & dressed and return to B&N to finish shopping. Before we left, I treated myself to a pumpkin spice latte. "Ummmm...Yummy!"
Back to the car, only 2 more stops to make. We swing by Earthfare & Warren runs in. Eason had fallen asleep in his stroller/carseat, but it was time to eat again, and while Warren was in the store Eason let me know he was hungry. I got him out of the car to walk around as he announced to the world his hunger. A little girl and her mom were getting in their car that was parked next to us & the expression on her face was one of great concern. I calmly reassured her that Eason was ok, & that he was just hungry.
Last stop, we pull up to Wal-Mart, & park in the fire lane. Warren just needed to run in for some i-Tunes gift cards, & I got in the back to nurse Eason. I cracked the window since it was so unseasonably hot & asked Warren to lock us in. While Warren was gone, I decided to open the door to let a little air in, but when I unlocked the door it set the alarm off. Since this car is new to us, I wasn't sure what to do. I jumped over the seat to try and hit the buttons from the driver's controls in hopes that that would cancel the alarm. To no avail, I slumped back into the back seat in utter defeat. But as I slumped, I knocked over my latte, spilling it not only all over the floor of the car, but also all over the pretty, little, white outfit from church, now a white and khaki outfit. About that time, Warren came out of the store & heard the alarm. Bless his heart, he came running to my rescue, quieting the screaming car. It was a day for the record books.
Suffice it to say, we got home, cleaned up our clothes, wrapped our presents, and enjoyed a wonderful Christmas Eve dinner and gifts with Mom, Mark, Steph, Sara Susanne, Liz, Jason, & Libby.
And, even after days like this one, I would not trade being a mommy for anything, even for sleep. (and for those of you who know me, that it saying a lot!) God is so good!


Jemima said...

We got home from your mom's house and Simons looked at me and said, "We are NOT having children any time soon. Got that?" I think your Barnes and Noble store completely ruined him. Fortunately, all of you have babies, so I can live vicariously through you.

I'm an other said...

My precious little Sara - How, dear one, could you possibly even consider a pumpkin (colored) spice latte, after the b&n escapade? You are now re-named cast-iron tummy Sara. I love you, you crazy one. Our craziness most certainly rubbed off on you, precious one. Yippee! love, Suzq & da Judge

Anonymous said...

HA! Snorting in my seat here, trying to keep quiet. I love it. Is it sad that even this story makes me want to have kids? :-)