Wednesday, January 3, 2007

A First

Christmas Eve was not all pooh and spitup. That morning while we were getting ready for church, Eason shared with us his first honest-to-goodness laugh. Twice in fact. His daddy was dressing him and Eason was lying on the bed. They were playing a game that his grandmomma often plays with him when she keeps him. Warren goes "clap, clap, clap," in front of Eason. Then he takes Eason's hands and repeats the sound and action. Warren let go of Eason's hands, which Eason promptly flung apart, and Warren cheered. For some reason this morning that game tickled Eason enough to muster up a true chuckle. I was walking out of the room when I heard it and ran back to the bed in time to witness a repeat performance! Oh, what a wonderful Christmas present! Those sounds are so precious!

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