Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Too bad he's so shy.

Eason is certainly a chip off the old block.  He reminds me of how my sweet friend Nancy describes her son DuBose, in that Eason has never met a stranger.  As we walk through the aisles at the grocery store Eason says hi to everyone, even if the only other person we can see is at the opposite end of the aisle.  Warren & I were reminded again tonight of how sweet and what a gift of joy this precious boy is to us.  We all watched the Water Horse and then had a tickle/giggle fest on the couch before "night-night."  I tell you this boy has one of the most precious and infections giggles I have ever heard.  Below is a taste from July 2007.

It never gets old to me.

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pencrush said...

oh my goodness, sara, he truly does have an infectious laugh. I smiled through the whole thing. :)