Sunday, September 28, 2008


and he gets it oh so honestly from his momma.  For a few weeks now, Eason's nighttime ritual has included time spent with this ball game with four different colored balls that are pushed through holes, travel back & forth down a maze and come out at the bottom.  However, this play is not random and it is not disorderly.  In fact, Eason stacks the balls in a certain order each time from one end to the other, aligning the colored ball with it's corresponding colored hole.  After stacking them on top (naming each color as he goes along), he then proceeds to push the balls through, in the same order.  Often he retells what color the ball is that he is pushing down, and sometimes he even says "red ball down red hole" and so on and so forth.  I think it is quite impressive for a not yet two year old.  I might add that he does not appreciate help or interference with his organizing.    

This boy is quite amazing.  He has a varied and daily-increasing vocabulary.  He can actually count to ten.  He has started to learn his ABCs, which right now go something like, "a,b,c,d,e,x,y,z."  Who really needs all those in the middle anyway.  Well, I cannot take credit for his brilliance.  Eason spends each day with his Grandmomma & Grandda Bazemore and has learned so much from them.  Grandmomma reads to & with him constantly.  He loves books, and will often walk around with a book speaking gibberish, but pretending that he is reading the book out loud.  His Grandda's musical influences have enabled him to almost completely sing any of the following,
"Let's go fly a kite"
"Row, row, row your boat"
and of course "Slinky."

This child never ceases to amaze me.  He has such a sweet spirit, but can be very serious, focused & independent.  For instance, sometimes I will try to join in when he is playing with his toys.  If he is really focused, he does not want interference.  One day the conversation went like this:
Eason: "No, go away, mommie."  
Sara: "No, no Eason, that is not nice.  Do not tell Mommy to 'go away.'"
Eason: "Mommy, move."
Sara: "no, sir, do not tell Mommy to move."
Eason: [looking around for some new plan, remembers that I like to look outside, points and says] "Mommy, window."
Mommy got the picture, and decided that was not such a rude way of saying 'leave me alone' and rather creative.  

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Jemima said...

Heh. He is HILARIOUS. Poor Warren. Between you and Eason, is the whole house color coded?