Sunday, August 3, 2008

Talk to the eyes

We are blessed to have a polite child-in-training. Eason has done well to learn please & thank you. Often following a prompt to say them, but sometimes surprising us with saying them without the prompt. Since he was doing so well, I thought we should probably work on eye contact when speaking to someone. Eason usually looks at the floor, the object sought after, or straight ahead. I have tried to gently guide his chin up to look into my face, but as the chin goes up, the eyes often go to the side.

Well, some of Eason's favorite books were (and still are) "Where is baby's belly button" by Karen Katz. They are lift the flap books and great for teaching body parts. Because of that, Eason knows well the parts of his face, etc.  Using this, I decided I would try to show him where to look when speaking to someone.  As I handed him his coveted milk, the conversation went like this:

Sara: "Eason, what do you say?"
Eason: "Peease."
Sara: (handing him his milk) "Then what do you say"
Eason: "Tank you."
Sara: "Eason, where are mommies eyes?"
Eason: (pokes his finger in my eye)
Sara: "Eason, can you say thank you to my eyes?"
Eason: (looking directly at my eyes) "Tank you eyes."

Eason proudly walked away with his well earned milk.
I must give him credit, that is what I asked him to say.


Anonymous said...

No, you are MY hero. Too cute. I need to see his face (and yours) soon!

Zani said...


Missy said...

hey sara! ran across your blog again.. so glad you're updating it! may i add you to my blogroll? your boy is absolutely precious! i loved the video of him laughing - you can't help but crack up!

Anonymous said...

Need more blogging! More pics, More video,
More imput -----Hope you are feeling better. Kiss my big boy for me. Love you. Zani 5

sara said...

Love it! Cannot wait to hear it in person!