Friday, August 29, 2008

Crab Boil

A few weeks ago we travelled down to Charleston to enjoy the Woodard's annual crab boil. We had a great time, especially Eason. It was so good to see Wench (aka Melissa), Will & beautiful little Reed. Melissa and I met two years ago when we were both pregnant with our gifts from God, and I count myself blessed to have her as a friend and to have shared that experience together. Eason was born on October 8th and Reed was born on October 31st.

Also, at the crab boil, we got to see the ones who introduced me to Wench. H (Sarah) and Simons Young.
H is, I do believe, my oldest friend, going back all the way to kindergarten and I love her more than words can tell. She is truly one of the greatest girls I know, and the Lord has blessed us with one of those precious friendships that picks up right where it left off, no matter the lapse of time between talking. H & Simons live in ole San Fran now, but they were back to visit & it was soooo great to see them. Although, she scorned me as having become too landlocked up in Columbia, by not already having Eason addictecd to shrimp and other fares from the lowcountry. H, I am sorry, I repent & will do better to bring him up as one who trods in the pluff mud.

Eason was a hit. and speaking of hitting, he really enjoyed the mallets used to crack open the crabs, playing drums wherever he could and running laps around the table.

He also reminded me of how very literal children are in interpreting what they hear. We had been in the back of Wench's yard enjoying Reed's car (thanks Miss Reed for sharing) when I mentioned to him, "let's go back into the party and say hi to everyone." Now, Warren & I knew some of the folks there, but certainly not all of them, and Eason really knew even less. But that did not stop him from reaching and waving his little hand as high as he could and proclaiming, "HI!" as he made his way around to greet each group of people at the party. I tell you what, that boy has never met a stranger. We had a great time and look forward to next years'!

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